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All five of my books written specifically for you as the daughter of a narcissistic mother. These books build on each other to empower you. 

  • "You're Not Crazy - It's Your Mother" -- Be Aware
  • "Dear DONM" -- Be Informed
  • "To The Unloved Daughter" -- Be Loved
  • "How To Go No-Contact" -- Be Free
  • "Become A Boundaries Badass" -- Be Strong

As a bonus with the bundle you'll also receive, for free:

  • The 'Become A Boundaries Badass Workbook', in PDF form to print
  • The How To Go No-Contact Workbook', in PDF form to print (this is in production and will be forwarded to you as soon as it's ready)

These are e-books delivered in PDF form for you to download and send to your device and/or reader.